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Suite 437 is a New York-based production company born of a dedication to storytelling which brings female/female identifying centered stories into the spotlight.

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Buttball, set during the Reagan years, Buttball is a slice-of-life piece pinpointing a crucial moment in the life of fifth-grader Erin as she realizes her own world of gender politics – what it means to be female, and the repercussions of excelling in a boy’s world. 

A review from Blackbird Film Festival: 'Maryll Botula's short film BUTTBALL skillfully juxtaposes a complex story of gender politics on the playground to the gender politics of the Reagan era - specifically that of the Challenger disaster in 1986. Through the eyes of a fifth grade girl who wants to play with the boys, BUTTBALL unpacks the complicated balance women (young and old) are forced to maintain to "exist" in a man's world. In a brilliant way, writer and director Maryll Botula is able to extrapolate these ideas into space as Erin (Angelina Andrews), the young tomboy, comes to realize how this power dynamic might be holding her back just as tragedy strikes the Challenger - a spaceship carrying two of the first female astronauts... An AMAZING film and a MUST WATCH for all!'


In association with Trauma 4 Productions and Loud at Night, Buttball, completed production in 2019 and is actively in festival consideration through 2021. Winner of Outstanding Narrative Short- Art of Brooklyn Film Festival 2020, SOHO International Film 2020 SOMA Film Festival 2020 and Lady Filmmakers Film Festival 2020, LaFemme Film Festival 2020 and STIFF 2020, Blackbird Film Festival 2021 (Powerful Voice Nominee), Oregon Short Film Festival 2021 (Best Director Nominee), Oregon State International 2021, New Filmmakers NY 2021, San Diego Women's 2021, Indie Spirit 2021. 

Slamdance called the original script for Buttball, 'an unusual and joyful piece of writing'. Writing Awards and Ranking include: (2018 Atlanta Film Festival- Quarterfinalist, Austin Film Festival 2017- Second Rounder, Oregon Film Awards 2017-2nd Place, Hollywood Screenplay Contest 2017- Finalist , Filmmatic Screenplay Awards 2017- Finalist, 2017 Artists Alliance Short Screenplay Competition- Finalist, 22nd FadeIN Awards- Quarterfinalist, Cinequest 2016 Short Screenplay Contest- Quarterfinalist). 

WFH/Work from Homean office comedy where everyone works remotely. At the center is Liz, a disgraced NYC journalist, who finds a job in an HR company with coworkers from all walks of life. Over time, this unlikely cast of characters dismantles her liberal elitism, and it's here that she finds her true voice. The pilot will begin production in 2022.

Untilted Ancenstry project: an examination of the surprises that come with digging in the dirt of your DNA

Stalled is a coming of age tale for late 30somethings. When Eve's best friend and former boyfriend announce they're pregnant- Eve sees that she's no longer 20 or even 30 and it's time to grow up or come as close to doing so as possible...Is life just about paying rent (on time) and getting famous?


Written, produced by Maryll Botula, Stalled is Suite 437's first feature film starring:  Nate Dushku, Lindsay Rae Taylor Andrew Schwartz and Maryll Botula.  (2017 Hoboken International Film Festival- official selection; 2017 Broad Humor Film Festival- Semi-Finalist).

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